Anesthetic Ointments for Muscle Pain

Painful sensations in the muscles can arise for various reasons – strong overstrain during training, accidental stretching or bruising. Injuries to the musculoskeletal system are especially affected by professional athletes, but a person who leads a normal lifestyle, in different situations, may face this trouble. To relieve discomfort, anesthetic ointments are used for muscle pain. Depending on the composition, they are able to have an analgesic, anti-inflammatory effect. Read more about the different tools below.[hide] Anesthetic ointments for muscle pain [/hide]

How to choose ointment or gel for muscle pain

To cope with the pain that affects the muscles, joints, special ointments help, however, so that they have a therapeutic effect, it is necessary to choose them correctly. It is not recommended to buy pharmacy medicines on your own without first consulting a doctor. Anesthetic ointments for muscles and joints are prescribed taking into account the following factors:

  • during a period of severe inflammation, a specialist prescribes preparations containing substances that remove swelling and swelling;
  • with muscle pains, post-traumatic syndromes, analgesic drugs are used;
  • if in the soft tissues there are processes of a stagnant nature that provoke pain, ointments are prescribed with a warming, irritating, cooling effect;
  • from joint pain ointments with chondroprotective help.[hide] Anesthetic ointments for muscle pain [/hide]

Types of Pain Ointments

There are many types of drugs that help to remove inflammation, reduce edema, improve blood circulation and relieve a person of the pain syndrome. They need to be selected correctly, preferably with a professional doctor. Below you will find out what kind of pain medication is, how much they cost in Russia (Moscow, St. Petersburg and other cities). Having become acquainted with popular drugs, you will be able to find the right one or choose the right analogue.

Painkillers and anti-inflammatory

Most muscle pains are associated with inflammatory processes occurring in the soft tissues. In cases of severe inflammation, it is not recommended to use medicines that have a warming effect. Warming up ointments are used in the next stages of treatment, after reducing the swelling. Drugs designed to remove swelling, as a rule, contain analgesics, which reduce pain syndrome. However, sometimes the disappearance of pain is achieved by the significant anti-inflammatory effect that the components of the drug given. Read more about the types of medicinal ointments below.


Ingredients: Ketoprofen, excipients.

Acts as an analgesic, has an anti-inflammatory effect, helps to relieve swelling. It does not allow the enzymes involved in the inflammatory process to be released. The active substance of the drug when applied penetrates into the subcutaneous tissue, where it produces a therapeutic effect.

Application: a few centimeters of cream squeezed out of the tube, pick up, apply to the skin over the place of injury. The layer must be thin. It is necessary to apply this amount three times a day. Without consulting a doctor, apply Ketonal no more than two weeks.

Fastum Gel

Composition: Ketoprofen, additional auxiliary components.

Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug “Fastum-gel” helps to remove inflammation in the tendons, muscles and joints, reduce pain syndrome, improve blood circulation at the site of injury. Thanks to the gel base, the drug quickly penetrates into soft tissues and removes severe pain. It is used for injuries, sprains, bruises, dislocations.

How to apply: a small amount of the agent should be applied to the lesion site so that it lies a thin layer. Repeat the procedure once or twice a day. To rub the pain medication is required until the gel is completely absorbed into the skin. The course of treatment should not exceed ten days. The drug is not addictive and does not have a systemic effect.[hide] Anesthetic ointments for muscle pain [/hide]


Ingredients: Ibuprophenum, auxiliary components.

Has anti-inflammatory, analgesic effect, reduces swelling and swelling. The drug is intended for people suffering from the pathology of the musculoskeletal system: arthritis, articular syndrome with gout, osteoarthritis, radiculitis, osteochondrosis with a radicular syndrome, lumbago, tendovaginitis, sciatica. “Dolgit” is shown and with muscular pains of a rheumatic and non-rheumatic nature. It is used for dislocations, sprains, muscle ruptures, posttraumatic swelling.

How to apply: five to ten centimeters of the gel are applied by gentle massage movements to the lesion site. To rub it is necessary until the agent is completely absorbed. Term of application: three times a day until two to three weeks.[hide] Anesthetic ointments for muscle pain [/hide]


Consists of: Dimethylsulfoxide, Camphora, Terbinthinae oleum rectified, excipients.[hide] Anesthetic ointments for muscle pain [/hide]

It is used for arthritic and muscular pains, with arthritis. The active substance dimethyl sulfoxide promotes the deep penetration of the remaining components into soft tissues. It helps to improve blood circulation, so that the recovery of affected areas occurs faster. Can be used during a warming massage for athletes, with osteochondrosis, neuralgias, radiculitis. Before use, make sure that the components of the drug are not allergic.

Application: Apply no more than three grams of the drug to the affected area, do this by using a special applicator. Then you need to rub the remedy. Repeat the procedure three times a day for ten days.


Composed of: Nonivamide, Nicoboxil, excipients.

Nonivamide has analgesic effect, nicoboxil, vitamin B, promotes vasodilation and improves blood circulation in the place of muscle pain. The combined action of these drugs provides a vasodilating effect. Thanks to him, redness of the skin in the place of pain is much less. During application, a local increase in temperature appears, which indicates the penetration of these substances into soft tissues.

How to apply: Apply the cream with the help of a nested applicator (half a centimeter to the area about the size of the palm). To the substances from the pain acted more actively, you can cover the place of defeat with a woollen scarf. Repeat the procedure three times a day, ten days.[hide] Anesthetic ointments for muscle pain [/hide]

Turpentine ointment

Consists of: Terbinthinae oleum rectified auxiliary components.

Acts as an antiseptic have an irritating effect on the site of the lesion. The active substance of the herbal medicinal product, penetrating the upper layer of the epidermis, irritates the tissues, ensuring the flow of blood to the affected area. It is used against neuralgia, from muscular pain, with radiculitis, rheumatism and neuritis.

The agent is applied twice a day to the affected area, the skin is triturated by an application. To enhance the effect of the drug, the skin is covered from above with a special warming bandage.


Ingredients: Capsicum, ethyl nicotinate, hydroxyethyl salicylate, other excipients.

The active substances anesthetic ointment have analgesic, vasodilating, warming effect. The drug has an irritant effect, which contributes to the flow of blood to the affected areas of soft tissue. The anti-inflammatory effect of the drug contributes to the rapid reduction of pain. The analgesic effect lasts about an hour after the application of the drug. The mobility of the joints is improving.

Apply the cream on the place where it hurts, in a thin layer, gently and gently rubbing it. Before and after use, wash your hands. Use “Nikoflex” you need once a day, the total time – three days.[hide] Anesthetic ointments for muscle pain [/hide]


Ingredients: Ibuprophenum, excipients.

Has analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect, penetrating deeply into the muscle tissue. When applied, improves blood microcirculation, normalizes vascular permeability, resulting in inflammation decreases. The drug reduces puffiness, removes the redness of the skin. Joints become more mobile, which is especially important for arthritis. “Ibuprofen” is applied from muscle pain, with osteoarthritis, osteochondrosis.

Extrude five to ten centimeters of the drug, depending on the size of the site of inflammation, apply to it, gently rub. Each day, repeat the procedure three times, the duration of the course will be determined by the doctor.


Ingredients: Ibuprophenum, additional ingredients.

Due to the inhibition of the synthesis of prostaglandins, the drug has an anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect on the affected area. It is intended for the treatment of arthritis, osteochondrosis, osteoarthritis, back pain, sprains and swelling, muscle pain. Effective in neuralgia. After application, with penetration of the active substance, there may be a slight reddening of the epidermis, a slight tingling.

Application: take the desired amount of gel (up to ten centimeters), apply a thin layer on the lesion, rub. Use no more than four times per day for a maximum of two weeks. After application, wash hands.[hide] Anesthetic ointments for muscle pain [/hide]


Ingredients: Diclofenac, other ingredients.

Indication: the active substance of the drug helps to numb the affected areas, remove the inflammation, improve blood circulation, which leads to a reduction in swelling, edema. With injuries, Voltaren helps to regenerate cells of connective tissues, restores ligaments, tendons, muscles. The drug is effective against osteochondrosis of the lumbar and thoracic spine, arthritis, muscle pains, sprains.

Application: Apply the gel to the previously cleaned, dry skin. The layer must be thin. Repeat the procedure up to four times a day, the treatment period should not exceed two weeks. After application, wash your hands.[hide] Anesthetic ointments for muscle pain [/hide]

Nase gel

Ingredients: Nimesulide, methyl salicylate, Menthlumi, other excipients.

Local anesthetic medicine helps to remove inflammation, remove swelling, remove pain. Can effectively fight unpleasant pain in the joints and muscles. After applying the drug, blood circulation in the affected area is markedly increased, and menthol, which is contained in the composition, has a cooling and soothing effect on the upper layers of the epidermis.

Application: squeeze three centimetres of gel into clean hands, apply to a place where you feel pain, rub the preparation unnecessarily. Repeat the procedure up to four times, the duration of treatment, usually one to two weeks.


Composition: Indomethacinum, excipients.

Indication: this analgesic helps to remove the inflammatory process, to remove puffiness, to get rid of swelling of the skin. With joint pain promotes an increase in the volume of movements, it helps with arthritis during exacerbation of gout, with osteochondrosis, muscle pain, inflammation of soft tissues, ligament damage.

Application: children per day can be applied no more than a centimetre of the drug, from the age of twelve – a maximum of three centimetres, adults – no more than fifteen centimetres. Use is allowed no more than twice a day. The term of treatment is for one to two weeks.


Warming up ointments to relieve muscle and joint pain are used for injuries, bruises. Their action is to increase the filling of damaged tissues with blood. Doctors say that directly during the time of injury, warming up the ointment is not worth using. It has an effective warming effect only after a couple of days, during the rehabilitation period. These drugs are well used to prevent injuries, before going to the gym, for example. Read more about the most effective means of muscle pain from this group.[hide] Anesthetic ointments for muscle pain [/hide]


Ingredients: hydroxyethylrutosides, active ingredient – rutin (belongs to the vitamin P group).

Widely used by athletes who are engaged in athletic walking, marathons, triathlon or all-around events. It is used for the treatment of varicose veins, venous ulcers, dermatitis, and superficial thrombophlebitis. In addition, “Venoruton-gel” improves vein tone well, is popular as an effective tool in the fight against diseases of the musculoskeletal system. Use it if you need to remove the swelling that occurs on the damaged area of the body. Is a good remedy for muscle pain.

Application: Apply the gel to the skin in the area of a painful place, twice a day. Massaging movements rub the ointment so that it completely absorbs into the tissue.[hide] Anesthetic ointments for muscle pain [/hide]

Deep Relief

Ingredients: active substances – ibuprofen, levomenthol.

Effectively removes even severe pain of different origins, for example, with rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, radiculitis, soft tissue rheumatic lesions, inflammatory joint processes and muscle injuries. In addition to anesthesia has an anti-inflammatory effect. It is used as an effective means to relieve the morning stiffness of the joints.

Application: pierce the sealed tube with a spike in the cap from the back. Apply ointment on a sore spot, lightly rub until completely absorbed by the skin. Repeat this procedure two or three times daily. Observe the interval in use – no less than four hours. The course of treatment should not exceed 10 days. If the doctor deems it necessary, the treatment can be extended. Protect your eyes from getting the gel on the mucous membrane.


Ingredients: sodium heparin, dimethylsulfoxide, dimethylsulfoxide, rosemary oil, trometamol, isopropanol, citronella oil.

The medium not only anesthetizes but also relieves swelling, swelling. It is widely used for removal of hematomas, inflammation of muscles, soft tissues, tendons. Well helps in the treatment of closed injuries, bruises, with sprains. It is prescribed for epicondylitis of the shoulder, periarthritis of the shoulder joint, acute neuralgia.

Apply to the damaged area of the body with a thin layer from two to four times a day. If you use this pain medication with a bandage, apply the gel and give a couple of minutes until the medication is absorbed, after which you can tightly tie the tissue. The course of treatment depends on the duration of the illness or rehabilitation after trauma. [hide] Anesthetic ointments for muscle pain [/hide]

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