Diclofenac Gel Dosage and Route of Administration

Diclofenac Gel Dosage and Route of Administration: Ointment and gel Diclofenac are used exclusively externally. Dosage is completely dependent on the size of the affected area. If it is an ointment, then an amount equal to 2-4 g of the agent (cherry size), a gel at a time, will use a strip of not more than four centimeters.

For children, whose age varies from 6 to 12 years, the dosage should be reduced by half.

The medicinal preparation is applied directly to the skin at the site of inflammation localization and rubbed gently into the body until completely absorbed. The procedure is repeated two to three times during the day.

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Diclofenac is used until the pain and inflammation are completely eliminated. It is not recommended to use for more than two weeks. [hide] Diclofenac Gel Dosage or uses [/hide]

After using the drug it is recommended to wash your hands thoroughly with soap and avoid getting the product on the mucous membranes. Exceptions are cases when ointment or gel is applied to the skin of the hands (for example, with arthrosis of the fingers). [hide] Diclofenac Gel Dosage or uses [/hide]

Diclofenac Gel Overdose and Application Features

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