Drugs that cause abortion in early pregnancy

[hide]Drugs that cause abortion in early pregnancy[/hide]Among such medications, Mifolian, which includes the substance mifepristone, helps to peel off the fetal egg from the uterus. In some cases, the drug is used as the best agent capable of causing natural childbirth. The main advantages and advantages of Mifeprex is a good tolerance and high efficiency. After using the tablets, the woman will have vaginal discharge for several days. [hide]Drugs that cause abortion in early pregnancy[/hide]

Most often, Mythology is used as a contraceptive, which must be taken after unprotected intercourse. A woman should eat and take immediately 3 tablets, washed down with purified water. However, it must be remembered that the taking of these pills is carried out only in the presence of a medic. Then for two hours, a woman must be under supervision in the ward, which will be equipped with special equipment preventing the stop of uterine bleeding. [hide]Drugs that cause abortion in early pregnancy[/hide]

In order to improve the effect, experts recommend taking with the drug Misoprostol tablets, which will help increase uterine contraction. If the woman’s state of health is satisfactory, then doctors can let her go home, warning of manifestations of such side effects as:

  • weakness;
  • pain in the lower abdomen;
  • increased body temperature;
  • dizziness.
[hide]Drugs that cause abortion in early pregnancy [/hide]It has long been known that drugs that provoke miscarriages do not have the best effect on a woman’s health. To be convinced of 100% termination of pregnancy, after about 2 weeks it should be performed the ultrasound of the uterus. Mifolian is not recommended for use with gynecological ailments, pathologies, liver failure, smoking, uterine myoma, heart disease, impaired blood clotting, asthma.

Another effective drug that will help get rid of an unwanted pregnancy is called Mifegin. It is an anti-progestogen drug that affects the female body, blocking the production of progesterone. In addition, taking tablets increases the contraction of the myometrium, and also gradually increases its sensitivity to prostaglandins. As a result, the fetal egg is removed. Most often, the pills are used to interrupt pregnancy at an early stage. Usually, Mifegin is taken once in 1 hour immediately after ingestion and washed down with a large amount of water. [hide]Drugs that cause abortion in early pregnancy[/hide]

The use of this agent in some cases leads to the development of adverse reactions of the body in the form of pains appearing in the lower abdomen, bloody discharge, weakened condition, stool disorder, exacerbation of infections, chills, dizziness. You can not use Mifegin in diseases of the liver, uterine myoma, kidney failure, porphyria. The most cautious should be women who are already 35 years old. The drug can be taken during breastfeeding, but at the time of admission, stop giving milk to the baby. Experts do not recommend taking the drug along with non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.[hide]Drugs that cause abortion in early pregnancy[/hide]

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