Found sugar for weight loss

Monosaccharide (or simple sugar) mannose can help with losing weight. But, as American scientists have found out, such a “sweet” diet brings tangible results only with one important condition.

“A useful effect of mannose is observed when it is added to food at the beginning of life,” Cell Reports writes. This is evidenced by experiments conducted on mice. Moreover, the researchers conducted experiments with both males and rodent females, and the effect was the same.

The authors of the study note that the addition of mannose to food for newly born rodents prevents weight gain, reduces obesity, reduces steatosis of the liver, increases endurance and maximum oxygen consumption, improves glucose tolerance.

“Simple mannose sugar prevents obesity. It is the first report on mannose affecting the energy metabolism of the host. It affects the absorption of nutrients by the body, thereby reducing obesity in experimental mice. particularly interesting aspect is the temporary effect of mannose on metabolism. Mannosa prevents obesity only in early life, “- says the publication.

According to one version, this feature is explained by the fact that mannose affects the intestinal microflora, which is more often formed in childhood.

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