How long can I take Metoprolol? & Indications for use

How long can I take Metoprolol?

How long can I take Metoprolol? The instructions say that the duration of treatment varies from three months to three years. With a long course of use of metoprolol, high dosages should be discarded, as this can lead to side effects or an overdose. If the course of treatment with metoprolol lasts three months, then after a while it can be appointed by the doctor again. Often this is necessary in order to consolidate the result already obtained.

check Side effects of metoprolol 

Indications for use of metoprolol

  • Arterial hypertension (metoprolol can be used as a mono-drug or in combination with other drugs), can be prescribed for tachycardia.
  • Ischemic heart disease, as a preventive measure of angina attacks.
  • Violation of the heart rate.
  • Hypertrichosis (the drug can be used only in complex therapy);
  • A prophylactic measure of migraine attacks.
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