Complete Info: How to take Metoprolol?

How to take Metoprolol?

How to take Metoprolol? First of all, make sure that you have been prescribed a drug whose active ingredient is metoprolol succinate. To date, there is no reason to use obsolete tablets containing metoprolol tartrate. They need to be taken several times a day, which is inconvenient for patients. They cause a jump in blood pressure. This is harmful to blood vessels. Take Betaloc ZOK or Egiloc C at a dosage that the doctor will tell, and for as long as the doctor recommends. These medicines need to be taken for a long time – for several years, and even for life. They are not suitable for situations where you need to quickly knock down blood pressure or relieve an attack of chest pain.[hide]How to take Metoprolol?[/hide]

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How long can metoprolol be taken?

Metoprolol should be taken for as long as the doctor indicates. Regularly visit your doctor for repeated examinations and consultations. You should not take breaks, cancel the medicine or reduce its dosage. Taking a beta-blocker and other prescribed medications, lead a healthy lifestyle. This is the main treatment for hypertension and cardiovascular diseases. If you do not follow the recommendations for a healthy lifestyle, in time, even the most expensive pills will stop helping.[hide]How to take Metoprolol?[/hide]

How to take metoprolol: before meals or after?

How to take Metoprolol? The official instruction does not indicate how to take metoprolol – before meals or after. An authoritative site says that preparations containing metoprolol succinate and tartrate should be taken with meals. Food increases the effect of the drug, compared with taking on an empty stomach. Find out what a low-carbohydrate diet is, then it is useful in hypertension and cardiovascular diseases. Discuss with your doctor whether you can follow it.

Is metoprolol alcohol compatible?

Tablets containing metoprolol tartrate are poorly tolerated, and the use of alcohol still intensifies their side effects. There may be hypotension – blood pressure is too low. Symptoms of hypotension: dizziness, weakness, even loss of consciousness. Preparations, the active ingredient of which is metoprolol succinate, are compatible with reasonable consumption of alcohol. You can drink alcohol only if you are able to maintain moderation. Drink on the background of taking beta-blockers – it’s dangerous. It is advisable not to drink alcohol first 1-2 weeks after the start of treatment with metoprolol, and after increasing the dose of the drug. In these transition periods, you should not also drive vehicles and dangerous mechanisms.[hide]How to take Metoprolol?[/hide]

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