Medicines that cause miscarriage in the early stages

The opportunity to provoke miscarriage at an early stage with the help of medications is not only the preservation of the woman’s health but also a guarantee that she will be able to give birth in the future. Take the tablets, which will be presented further, is recommended when agreed with a specialist. This is necessary to preserve the full vital activity. [hide]Medicines that cause miscarriage[/hide]


Despite the fact that there are analogs, the presented agent is one of the most reliable. The degree of its effectiveness is close to 100%, but the side effects are more than insignificant. The likelihood of forming even minimal allergic reactions is minimized. The use of the drug is officially authorized by the Ministry of Health of Russia, since 1999. The most rational is to apply “Mifegin” for a period not exceeding 6 weeks. After this period, the degree of effectiveness is significantly reduced.

The agent is included in the category of opponents of progesterone, which block the uterine receptors. This is what provokes the rejection of the embryo. This is in accordance with the following algorithm: there is a change in size and softening of the uterus, its neck begins to open and the exit of the fetal egg occurs. The described process lasts no less than 6 and not more than 8 hours. [hide]Medicines that cause miscarriage[/hide]

In order to enhance the characteristic muscle contractions, specific aids (prostaglandins) are used. In the context of simultaneous use of non-steroidal anaesthetics, the effect of “Mifegin” becomes less significant.

[hide]Medicines that cause miscarriage[/hide]An obligatory condition for the use of the presented medication should be considered the exclusion of the possibility of fetal development in the future outside the uterus. In this regard, it is necessary to perform an ultrasound to examine all organs related to the small pelvis. Adverse reactions that occur in about 15% of cases, entirely depend on the characteristics of the female and the period of pregnancy.

In similar situations:

  • pregnancy is still developing;
  • the fetus may die, and remain in the region of the uterus;
  • bleeding takes on an active character, as a result, there is a need for medical intervention.


Belongs to the category of substances called antiprogestogens. The present synthetic agent makes it possible to block impulses to the receptors of the gestagen type. [hide]Medicines that cause miscarriage[/hide]Interruption of pregnancy through the use of “Mifepristone” implies the use of another means. It consists of a set called “Misoprostol”. The tool allows you to activate such fights, which result in miscarriage.


Terminate the pregnancy with the described tablets is allowed with a maximum period of up to 9 weeks. The use of a medicinal product is permissible, solely at the direction of a specialist, also for the initiation of labor. In addition, if you interrupt the natural course of pregnancy, you need due to the death of the fetus inside the womb and for the medicamentous expansion of the uterine region. Also, “Mifepristone” is shown within the framework of an operational miscarriage for up to 12 weeks and for activating the effect of prostaglandins. This occurs from the 13th to the 22nd week.

The described substance will be used most correctly in specialised medical institutions and only after a professional examination. The presence of a specialist – gynaecologist or obstetrician – is also considered mandatory. After using the required dosage, the patient should be observed for at least a few hours. Checking the degree of ultrasound activity is carried out most often after one and a half to two days.[hide]Medicines that cause miscarriage[/hide]


The remedy is valid for a 6-week period. Despite the fact that it is highly effective, the medicine in the vast majority of cases does not provoke even the slightest complications. “Pencrofton” is good in that it creates a protection of integrity not only of the cervix, but also of its cavity. The presented form, which helps to cause a miscarriage, does not bring a female representative of psychological trauma, and the use of the drug will not be fraught with infertility after the abortion.

Thus, the presented technique should be perceived as the most desirable means, helping to get rid of pregnancy for those women who have never given birth. It should be noted that this drug provoking miscarriage, it seems impossible to buy at the pharmacy.

The “Pencroft” is delivered only to special medical institutions, and it is used only in the presence of a gynaecologist or obstetrician. It happens this way:

  • a woman after consuming three tablets for a minimum of an hour, or better still two, remains under specialised supervision;
  • At this stage, the process of rejection of the fetus begins, and therefore it requires special attention;
  • In the absence of any side effects, there must necessarily be a re-appointment. The most optimal time interval will be 3-5 days.

Of course, in the early stages of pregnancy development, the method presented, provoking miscarriage, can be considered a good tool. However, one should always take into account that 100% of safe types of abortion do not exist and all of them, at least, require the control of a gynaecologist.[hide]Medicines that cause miscarriage[/hide]


The presented medicament has been used for many years to implement emergency contraception. It is suitable in those situations when contraceptives were not used in the context of sexual intercourse. The packaging of the drug includes several tablets, the list of components of which includes levonorgestrel and coctocosin.

According to experts, the remedy can not give a 100% guarantee that the pregnancy will be interrupted.


[hide]Medicines that cause miscarriage[/hide]Realizing this probability, we can only say that it is 85%. The first of the tablets will be most correctly used immediately after the sexual act. However, no later than 74 hours, which is very important for increasing the probability of miscarriage. A woman should take the next tablet after another 12 hours.


The presented remedy is suitable for interrupting pregnancy for a period of up to 42 days. The main advantages of Mifeprex can be considered a high degree of efficiency and almost perfect tolerance. After using the remedy for a woman within the next 2-3 days, small bleeding is likely. If they last longer, you should contact a specialist gynaecologist. [hide]Medicines that cause miscarriage[/hide]



This medication is produced in France. It is, perhaps, the most reliable of the known drugs, which are necessary in order to interrupt pregnancy for up to 6 weeks. The degree of its effectiveness reaches 100% with competent use.



Another drug, designed exclusively for emergency contraception, which is useless to use after 72 hours after the end of sexual intercourse. Algorithm for its use is similar to Postinor, but in some cases, it may be necessary to take not two, but more tablets. Given their high activity, it is advisable to consult with a specialist. Because undesirable consequences are possible, for example, problems with the thyroid gland and hormonal background as a whole. [hide]Medicines that cause miscarriage[/hide]

General contraindications and other nuances

It should be noted some contraindications of a general nature, in which the use of any of the drugs that cause miscarriage will not just be undesirable. This will be detrimental to a woman’s health:

  • either the diagnosis of pregnancy of an ectopic type or a suspicion of it;
  • kidney related diseases, namely, kidney and adrenal insufficiency;
  • long-term use of corticosteroid-type drugs;
  • the presence of such diseases, which are associated with a violation of the process of blood coagulability;
  • inflammatory diseases, even the most insignificant, arising in the field of female gynaecology;
  • presence of a woman with uterine fibroids.

The provocation of miscarriage through the use of tablets has more than significant advantages. These include the lack of probability of traumatizing both the endometrium and the cervical region. This is very often observed after performing an abortion due to surgical intervention. In addition, psychologists point to a much higher psychological tolerance, the feasibility of use in an outpatient setting. [hide]Medicines that cause miscarriage[/hide]

No fewer advantages are the high degree of effectiveness of the methodology (on average, it is 95%). And, finally, the most important – the presented impact should be considered the best option for women who never gave birth. After all, again returning to the operation, in the overwhelming majority of cases it excludes the possibility of subsequent pregnancy.

[hide]Medicines that cause miscarriage[/hide]Thus, you should remember that in no case can you use these drugs yourself. It would be even more incorrect to apply several doses in a row or with a difference of several hours to increase the effect. It is also necessary to carry out an ultrasound to confirm the pregnancy and to exclude its ectopic type of development. Because in the latter case, the use of pills to cause miscarriage is strictly prohibited.[hide]Medicines that cause miscarriage[/hide]
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