Metoprolol Alternatives or Analogues

Metoprolol AlternativesMetoprolol refers to selective β-blockers of anti-ischemic action. At the pharmacy, you can buy analogs Metoprolol with the same active ingredient in the composition. All of them dare to do the same.

The drug normalizes systolic blood pressure and heart rate. It is used to prevent attacks of angina pectoris, repeated myocardial infarction.

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It is prohibited to change the medicinal product independently. Drugs are prescribed by indications and require medical supervision. Some of them show greater efficacy in monotherapy, while others are part of complex measures.

To get positive results of treatment, it is very important to choose the right dosage and the frequency of reception, which is determined by the observing physician. This remark applies to all agents in the list of Metoprolol substitutes.

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The list of Alternative or Analogues of Metoprolol

1. Betalok ZOK. The medication shows high effectiveness in patients suffering from a violation of the heart rhythm (including after the transferred heart attacks), hypertensive heart disease with systolic overload.

One of the best analogs and substitutes Metoprolol. Removes a severe headache. Has a delayed release, it lasts up to 24 hours. Well tolerated. When compliance with medical prescriptions, side effects are minimized.

  • The price of tablets 50 mg 30 pieces – 4.75$


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2. Metocard. It is prescribed for cardiac pathologies: persistent hypertension, angina pectoris, heart rhythm disturbance, including the violation of the electrical conduction of cardiac contractions.

In monotherapy, the drug does not show 100% effectiveness in all cases. This analog of the drug Metoprolol is often prescribed as part of complex therapy, as a supportive agent.

Making the scheme of treatment the doctor necessarily takes into account the compatibility of Metocard with other medicines. Dosage and frequency of reception is determined depending on the disease.

  • Tablets 100 ml 30 pieces – 1.33$


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3. Egilok. The effect of the drug manifests itself quickly. It is shown at a high arterial pressure against a background of stable angina pectoris, tachysystole, hyperkinetic cardiac syndrome, and some thyroid diseases.

It is used for the prevention of myocardial infarction, severe attacks of a headache. This qualitative analog of the drug Metoprolol is successfully used in acute emergency situations in:

  • cardiology – with hypertensive crisis;
  • narcology – in cases of paroxysms;
  • psychiatry – with psychosomatic conditions and panic attacks.
  • The cost of the tablet. 50 mg 60 pcs. – 2.22$


4. Betaloc. It is most often used in cardiology for the treatment of hypertension, ischemic heart disease, as well as in the post-infarction period or the condition preceding it.

Normalizes blood pressure and pulse. At the appointment of adequate doses, the patient’s quality of life is significantly improved. The delayed action of the drug allows you to maintain its concentration for a long time. Dosage is calculated individually and depends on the indications.

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