Metoprolol Frequent questions and answers

The following are answers to questions that often arise in patients taking metoprolol from high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease.

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Metoprolol or Betalok ZOK: which is better?

Betalok ZOK is a trade name for a drug whose active ingredient is metoprolol succinate. It can not be said that metoprolol is better than Betaloc ZOK, or vice versa because it is one and the same. Betalok ZOK is better than any tablet containing metoprolol tartrate. The reasons for this are described in detail above. Metoprolol tartrate to date can be considered an outdated medicine.

Metoprolol or Concor: which is better?

In mid-2015, a study was completed that compared the efficacy of metoprolol succinate and Concor (bisoprolol) in the treatment of hypertension. It turned out that both drugs equally lower blood pressure and are well tolerated. Unfortunately, there is no reliable information on which of these drugs is better for patients with heart failure, coronary heart disease, and angina. Which is better: Concor, Betalok ZOK or Egilok S? Leave the decision of this question to the discretion of your doctor. However, do not take pills, the active ingredient of which is metoprolol tartrate. They are definitely worse than the drugs listed above.

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Does metoprolol help with pressure?

Metoprolol succinate helps with pressure no worse than other modern beta blockers – bisoprolol, nebivolol, carvedilol. There is no reliable information on which of these drugs is better than others. However, it is known that metoprolol tartrate is an obsolete medicine, which it is better not to use. These pills should be taken several times a day, which is uncomfortable for patients. They cause significant jumps in blood pressure. This is harmful to blood vessels. Metoprolol tartrate does not sufficiently reduce the risk of heart attack and other complications of essential hypertension.

If the doctor has prescribed metoprolol to you for pressure, then take the Betaloc ZOK or Egilok C medication. Typically, these drugs should be used together with other hypertension medications that are not beta-blockers. Taking several medicines in low doses is better than a single drug in high dosage. Remember that the main treatment for hypertension is a healthy lifestyle. If you do not follow the recommendations on nutrition, physical activity, and stress management, soon even the most expensive pills will stop helping.

Is Metoprolol a blood thinner?

Is it possible to take this beta-blocker and lisinopril together?

Yes, metoprolol and lisinopril can be taken together as prescribed by a doctor. These are compatible drugs. Do not take any of the medicines listed in this article on your own initiative. Find an experienced doctor so that he can choose the best medicine for you from high blood pressure. Before you are prescribed medication, you need to take tests and undergo a test. Repeatedly visit the doctor at least once every few months to correct the medication regimen based on the results of treatment for the past time.

To me have appointed or nominated a medicine metoprolol (Egilok With) from pressure. She began to take it – her eyesight dropped and often I go to the toilet at night. Also, ulcers appeared on their legs, they did not heal well. This is the side effects of tablets?

No, Egilok tablets did not have anything to do with it. Rather, you are experiencing complications of type 2 diabetes. Study the article “Symptoms of diabetes in adults,” then go to the lab to take blood tests for sugar. If diabetes is found, treat it.

How quickly does the pressure decrease after taking metoprolol?

Tablets, the active ingredient of which is metoprolol succinate, act smoothly. They are not suitable if you need to quickly suppress the hypertensive crisis. Preparations that contain metoprolol tartrate begin to lower blood pressure after 15 minutes. The full effect develops after 1.5-2 hours and lasts about 6 hours. If you need a faster remedy, then study the article “How to provide emergency care for hypertensive crisis.”

Metoprolol Patient Reviews

Is metoprolol compatible with … such a drug?

Read the instructions for the drug that interests you. Find which group he belongs to. It can be a diuretic (diuretic), an ACE inhibitor, an angiotensin II receptor blocker, a calcium antagonist (calcium channel blocker). With all these groups of medicines for hypertension, metoprolol is compatible. For example, you are interested in Prestarium. In the manual, find that it is an ACE inhibitor. Metoprolol is compatible with it. Indapamide is a diuretic. You can take it with him, too. And so on. Usually, patients are prescribed from the pressure of 2-3 drugs at the same time. More details read the article “Combination drugs for hypertension – the most powerful.”

Metoprolol is a beta-blocker. You can not take two beta-blockers at the same time. Therefore, do not take it with bisoprolol (Concon, Biprol, Bisogamma), nebivolol (Nebilet, Binelol), carvedilol, atenolol, anaprilin, etc. In general, you should not take two medicines against hypertension that belong to the same group.

Metoprolol Frequent questions and answers

How high is the risk that the use of Egilok C or Betaloc ZOK will exacerbate psoriasis?

Not higher than other modern beta-blockers. There is no exact data in the literature.

I have hypertension because of nervous work, frequent scandals. The doctor appointed metoprolol. Has read through, that among by-effects – depression. And I’m already on my nerves. Should I take these pills?

Depression and nervous excitement are opposites. Depression is impotence, apathy, depression. Judging by the text of the question, you experience opposite emotions. Probably, taking metoprolol will have a calming effect, and it will do you good.

Metoprolol lowered arterial pressure, but hands and feet began to cool. Is it within the norm or should I stop taking it?

Became cold hands and feet – this is a common side effect of beta-blockers, including metoprolol. If you feel that the benefits of taking the medicine are greater than the harm from its side effects, then continue to take. If you feel unwell, ask your doctor to pick up another drug for you. Keep in mind that from taking beta-blockers in the first week of health may worsen, but then the body adapts. So it is worthwhile waiting for a while if the “upper” pressure remains above 100 mm Hg. Art. and the pulse does not fall below 55 beats per minute.

The doctor advised to replace the drug against hypertension Metoprolol-Ratiopharm for a more expensive Betalok ZOK. Is it worth it?

Yes, it’s worth it. The active substance of the drug of Ratiopharm is metoprolol tartrate, and Betaloc ZOK is succinate. The difference between them is described in detail above. You are unlikely to feel how much better a new medicine protects you from a heart attack. But you will surely like that now the tablets can be taken only once a day. Your blood pressure will be closer to normal, its jumps will decrease within 24 hours.

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