Precautions for Carvedilol Substance

Precautions for Carvedilol Substance

[hide]Precautions for Carvedilol Substance[/hide]During the therapy, monitoring of liver and kidney functions, hemodynamic parameters, control of blood glucose concentration, and the patient’s body weight is required. With the development of bradycardia to 55 beats per minute, the drug should be withdrawn. In patients with circulatory insufficiency, hypotension (SAD less than 100 mm Hg), diffuse changes in blood vessels and/or kidney failure, it is necessary to monitor kidney function and, if worsened, reduce the dose or cancel the drug.[hide]Precautions for Carvedilol Substance[/hide]

Carvedilol Overdose & Interaction with other drugs

Caution should be used in elderly people (half-doses are prescribed), with a recent worsening of the course of heart failure. In all cases, treatment is started with low doses and then slowly increased to effective. With the progression of heart failure on the background of treatment it is recommended to increase the dose of diuretics, and in case of renal insufficiency, the dose is regulated depending on the functional state of the kidneys. To prevent the development of withdrawal syndrome, the dose should be reduced gradually. People suffering from severe allergies or undergoing desensitization may increase the severity of hypersensitivity reactions. Patients with diabetes mellitus and thyroid hyperfunction can mask or relieve symptoms, Hypoglycemia caused by hypoglycemic agents (if necessary, corrected) or thyrotoxicosis. When pheochromocytoma should be used simultaneously, alpha-adrenolytic. People who use contact lenses should consider the possibility of reducing tearing.[hide]Precautions for Carvedilol Substance[/hide]

Coreg (carvedilol) Side Effects

With the withdrawal of combination therapy with clonidine, carvedilol should be gradually withdrawn a few days before the gradual decrease in the dose of clonidine. When combined therapy of heart failure in the case of pronounced lowering of blood pressure, it is recommended to initially reduce the dose of diuretics or ACE inhibitors. During the treatment, alcohol consumption is excluded. With care appoint to patients whose work is associated with the need for increased attention and reaction speed. [hide]Precautions for Carvedilol Substance[/hide]

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