Symptoms of bowel cancer can be mistaken for other diseases

The doctors noted that the majority of patients are diagnosed with cancer in the late stages – the third and fourth. The thing is that the symptoms of the disease are often mistaken for hemorrhoids, colitis or constipation.

According to the World Health Organization, 600,000 people die of colon cancer each year. According to statistics, 20 years ago this type of oncology was sixth in terms of prevalence, and now it is the third.

Head of the Coloproctological Department of the Moscow Clinical Research Center. AS Loginova Andrei Atroshchenko has been working on cancer of the rectum for eight years already. He noted that every year in Moscow the incidence of this type of oncology is increased by 1.5%. “There are many neglected cases. Patients are treated by gastroenterologists, therapists and do not undergo the necessary examinations. First of all, you need to do a colonoscopy regularly, at an age after 50 especially. This helps to detect cancer at an early stage, “- explained Atroshchenko.

According to data, 11% of patients with the fourth stage of colorectal cancer survive the age of 15 years. And 95-97% of people with rectal cancer of the first degree live five years. The specialist stated that if an oncological disease is detected in the early stages, then in most cases it is possible to defeat the disease.

Atroshchenko said that most often rectal cancer affects people over 60 years old. Also in 8% of cases, rectal cancer can be detected in people under 25 years old. Doctors said that the colonoscopy is for everyone, so it would not be awkward or unpleasant – it is absolutely necessary to carry out the procedure.

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