Can drinking vinegar cause miscarriage?

Can drinking vinegar cause miscarriage?

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Why do miscarriages occur?

In most cases, miscarriages are a law of nature. Nobody knows for sure how the mother’s body determines that it is not worth bearing this fruit, but it’s usually pointless to argue with this process. Predicting a miscarriage also does not always succeed: we can only guess what happened.

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What causes a miscarriage?

Can drinking vinegar cause miscarriage? The reasons for miscarriage in the early term may be several. First, these are genetic disorders – thus nature itself gets rid of the damaged material, about 95% of abnormal pregnancies associated with such disorders end with an interruption at the very beginning. And the majority is not connected with problems of this kind in parents. It is noticed that the probability of miscarriage increases in parents after 35 years.

Another cause of miscarriage is a lack of the hormone progesterone, which is responsible in the female body for the offensive and the retention of pregnancy.

In later terms (after 20 weeks) miscarriage can occur due to abnormalities in the structure of the uterus and cervix or due to fibroids. Provoke fetal loss or premature birth may disrupt the cord and the placenta, as well as stomach injuries, lifting weights and falling pregnant.

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How does miscarriage occur in the early stages?

Unfortunately, in the presence of serious prerequisites for spontaneous abortion at an early stage, the pathological process is virtually impossible to reverse. The fruit at this time is so small that a woman does not even understand what is happening to her. At first glance, it looks like the resumption of the menstrual cycle after a long delay (1 to 2 weeks). Monthly, more abundant than usual, accompanied by a pulling pain in the lower abdomen. In addition, not all women turn to after the incident in the hospital. On an appointment with a doctor, there are units – mostly those who were frightened by the appearance of a blood clot that resembled a torn bubble. Ideally, in a medical examination, all women need – if a miscarriage really was, then after it may need additional cleaning.

When a woman is aware of her “interesting” situation, it is much easier for her to predict the onset of a miscarriage at an early stage. First of all, it is worth carefully monitoring the sensations in the lower abdomen and back. Painful dull and pulling spasms, spotting secretions with bloody or tissue lumps signal danger. If you seek medical help right away, there is a chance to save your pregnancy.

What increases the risk of miscarriage

  1. Age of the mother. The risk of miscarriage in women aged 20-24 years is 8.9%, after 45 years – 74.7%Maternal age and fetal loss: population based register linkage study.
  2. Bad habits. Smoking and drugs (in any quantity), alcohol (more than 50 ml of strong drinks per week).
  3. Caffeine. A small amount of caffeine does not affect the fetus, so up to 200 mg of caffeine, a day can be taken. Usually, this rate is twice as high. Look at how much caffeine is in tea and coffee, so as not to get confused.
  4. Obesity.

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What does not affect miscarriage?

Contrary to many myths, pregnancies cannot be prevented:

  1. Stresses and experiences of a pregnant woman, fright.
  2. Any day to day activities early Pregnancy Loss, including work (if it does not initially relate to harmful activities).
  3. Sports and sex, if to them there are no contraindications, which the gynecologist will tell.
  4. Spicy food.
  5. Flying.

What to do if there was a miscarriage

In any case, you need to visit a doctor to check if there are any unnecessary tissues left in the uterus. As a rule, the organism gets rid of everything superfluous. Sometimes the uterus needs help: either take the medicine that opens the cervix or go to surgical methods.

To find out the cause of miscarriage, you need to give a general blood test, check for infections and examine the uterus. Together with a partner, you can check with a geneticist and identify chromosomal abnormalities. However, it is not a fact that these analyzes and examinations will tell something: there are too many riddles in this matter.

One of the most difficult tasks after a miscarriage is to cope with the sense of loss and not blame yourself for what happened. Everyone experiences problems in different ways, but just in case, remember:

  1. If the pregnancy was interrupted, then, most likely, the fetus had no chance, no matter how cynical it may sound.
  2. We are not to blame for the fact that the human body is so complex and that it is so difficult to reproduce.
  3. Miscarriages occur frequently, and after then, most women become pregnant and give birth without particular difficulties.
  4. Experiencing and feeling sad is normal.
  5. If it’s hard for you, you can always seek psychological help.

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What can we do to prevent miscarriage?

Sad, almost nothing.

If the miscarriage is associated with genetic causes, then we are powerless. If the infections are to blame, then we can be vaccinated (for example, from rubella and influenza) or try to avoid getting infected. If chronic diseases are to blame for a miscarriage, then we can treat them or at least control them.

But in most cases, miscarriage is not the fault of the parents, but a complex, albeit terrible, from our point of view, selection mechanism.

Alena Reviews

I had three miscarriages in a year. The first was in January, I was treated, the second in July, after which I went to the family planning center, the doctor prescribed me directions for the delivery of various tests, I began to pass them, then in September I had a wedding, somehow caught my eye in the preparation, then the wedding trip, in general, pregnant for the third time in November, before this was protected, but the day before the monthly “but they go strictly after every 28 days” they decided not to be protected and again a miscarriage, the tests are all good, the reason no one can say, too many doctors.

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